30 Real Estate Marketing Ideas You Never Want to Miss

Written by Naiyer

May 8, 2021

Real estate marketing ideas need to be effective – should be able to attract leads and convert the captured leads into sales.  Your real estate marketing efforts should not be focused towards winning “best ads award” or “most creative ads ever” kind of stuffs but should be able to draw sales.

Covid-19 has affected real estate sales in all markets and Canada is not immune to the impacts of Covid-19. Surprisingly 2020 was a better year, and both sales and sales prices recovered significantly.

While Ottawa recorded the biggest house price surge, Halifax, Montreal, Hamilton, Toronto, Victoria, and Vancouver also observed price hikes in 2020, as compared to the earlier year. According to the Tereanet-National Bank of Canada, there is a marked increase of 14.8% and 16.5% in the prices of one-story and two-story houses, respectively. The rise in Canadian real estate is a boon for the industry. However, as the affordability issues are surfaced, in the post-covid-19 Economy, developers are concentrating to cut down unnecessary costs using innovations.  

Therefore, to reap the benefits of ballooning prices of Canada’s real estate sector, an effective innovative marketing strategy is inevitable.

What is Result Oriented Real Estate Marketing Ideas?

An impactful marketing idea includes two things. Firstly, identification of targeted audience. Secondly, the modes and means to reach them. Once it is done, the next step is to chart out a comprehensive plan of action to reach the targeted audience.  

All real estate strategies must incorporate 6 p’s at every stage.

  • Positive Attitude: buyer is attracted to a person or organization that emanates optimism
  • Promotions: leverage money promoting relevant people. Internet is a cheap and effective tool for this. Statista calculated that online services reached 96 % of Canada’s population in 2019.
  • Perfection: Aim to achieve maximum perfection and ensure a client gets satisfaction
  • Preparation: Provide prospective buyers that how you will make their home or anticipate what information they may ask.
  • Pricing: Provide Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and convince them that why your offer is better compares to any other similar property
  • Pre-listing Packages: they are a valuable chance to impress clients

30 Proven Innovative Marketing Ideas 

 1. Facebook Ads campaign to promote Offers

 It is the cheapest way to reach a customized audience. 

 How will it work in Real Estate marketing?

 To begin with, Canadians are hyperactive on social media, especially on fakebooks. Out of 37.5 million Canadians, more than 19m use Facebook, as per the research of Algonquin College, Ontario, Canada. Moreover, Facebook provides various options for customization of an audience, their interests, age groups, and selected geographical regions. For instance, if you are to show your real estate offers to dwellers of Montreal, you can do this by spending few dollars. 

 2. Website: Creating a Virtual Real Estate

Built a professional website. It must include all services, offers, the contact information of your real estate agency or company. The website also helps buyers to know about the fundamentals of property without visiting it. But to make an effective marketable website, it must be user-friendly, Showcasing ongoing working projects. Avoid overstuffing of information with the help of quality web content.


3. Virtual Tours

As the covid-19 imposes various travel restrictions, Canadian are taking to virtual or 3D tours. It enables a buyer to digitally experience the for-sale house. Virtual tour not only builds a buyer’s trust in a listing but also triggers its imagination of having a virtually toured house. In a bid to curtail the spread of the virus, Canadians, as mentioned by Crea.ca, are spending more time looking at properties virtually.

4. Magic of Animated Video Describing Property

A video puts the abstract things into a perspective. You make videos, not for your business, it is for the buyer. Animated videos nudge buyers to make a final call.  

 How to make a selling animated video? 

  • It should express the exuberance of human life
  • All spaces are displayed with sizes
  • Add characters in video

5. Using Pinterest for Real Estate Ventures

Besides a visualization platform, Pinterest is also a traffic redirect medium. As of January, reported Statista, Pinterest has the 4th largest Canadian user base. This is humongous. The first aim of using Pinterest is to establish recognition. Join relevant real estate boards. Then expand the magnitude of the board. However, the key goal of using Pinterest is to do loyal social networking and avoid being a Real Estate robot. 

6. Mobile friendly Sites

29.83 million Canadian use smartphones. Instead of desktops, People are amenable to using mobile phones. Given this unprecedented social change, the world’s biggest search engine, Google, has included a mobile-friendly appearance of a site significant for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Therefore, effective real estate marketing must incorporate mobile-friendly features.  

7.  Send Newsletters to Market Property

 It is a mean that empowers an organization to instantly reach their customers, prospects, and subscribers. Newsletters provide you direct access to a relevant audience. 

What should a real estate Newsletter include?

  • Business pronouncements
  • Reviews 
  • Market data
  • Home improvement tips
  • Personalization elements

 8. Email Marketing

Spam emails might have degraded e-mail marketing. But as the work-from-home trends, authentic and credible email marketing is in place. People now never miss out on reading their e-mails. Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) unveiled that when using desktop or laptops 44 % of Canadians catch up on e-mail. Using a tablet or smartphones, 28% of Canadian filter their inbox, and 42 % spend time on reading e-mails. These facts depict that, if used aptly, Email marketing can convert real estate leads into customers.

9. Request Testimonial from Clients

Social proofs are inevitable as they establish credibility in real estate. At the end of dealing with a client, ask for their review. Shoot their video and upload it on your website.

10. Google My Business Page

It is a free tool provided by google corp. with the help of this tool, you can ensure your business visibility 24 hours. It enables the business owner to funnel prospective customers into a definite customer by using methods such as call-to-action buttons, business profiles, and company events.

11. Emotional Storytelling

Perhaps one of the most effective methods of marketing is storytelling. In marketing, the adage goes: humans are less logical and more emotional. 

3 tips stand out in Real estate marketing using storytelling

  • Find the effective story behind the home
  • Illicit emotions
  • Craft a story based on property outlook 

12. Connecting with the Audience Through Webinar

Real Estate Marketing is built upon a 2-prong strategy: selling and turning into a brand. In this context, a webinar is a viable option. It aids a real estate agency to provide valuable information to its audience and address the public’s doubts and apprehensions

13. Website optimization

The .com revolution has radically changed marketing in the 21st century. A website designed to disseminate information about property and real estate agency must be optimized. Optimization means that it has organic traffic and domain authority. Although ads bring traffic to the web, yet a business that relies immensely on expensive and paid marketing would eventually run out of money.

14. Partner with Zillow Canada

Zillow is an ocean of real estate. More than 218 million users visit Zillow each month. Effective marketers would never miss rowing their boat in this ocean. 

 15. Chatbots Never Go Offline

They are AI-based operators. For example, when someone approaches a company on its Facebook page, the very first reply comes from a chatbot. In the modern world, people do not like to wait. They move on to a competitor. Therefore, you can install chatbot plugins, which are guided to reply answerer based on what services a company is offering.

 16. Strat blogging

Initiate providing valuable information to people about real estate. Brainstorm an in-demand topic and put relevant technical knowledge. For instance, you can post that why mortgage prices have seen a spike In Ontario. Use graphs illustrating the market analysis. However, the aim should be to gel people with your blog. You can start a new blog altogether or add a blog section to your existing online platform.  

17. Engage the Audience in Quora

At its outset, Quora was not meant to be used as a marketing platform. As its users grew, professionals from real estate joined Quora-spaces to help people solving their problems. 

If a company maintains a proactive engagement with pure intent at Quora—as it brings loyalty— of untangling the real estate riddles, the community will transition into clienteles. 

18. Market Property as Customers Like

To know what people are preferring in the Canadian real estate market, ask them. Use googles forms for this purpose and survey social media. Make the form simple with emotional content that ignites the responsive attitude of people. 

For example, you can ask people, “We value your preferences, let us help to deliver you”.

19. Utilize Vacant Property for Rental Purposes

Covid restrictions have discouraged urban tourism in Canada. Canadians are, as reported by Financial Post, are moving to places rich with natural serenity. As the hotel industry Is bearing the brunt of restrictions, people are renting their non-urban properties, especially houses, for commercial purposes.

20. Use the Local Imagery

In real estate, people just don’t come to buy a home. They want a home in the best town. Even the attractive property loses value in the eye of the buyer if it is not located in their desired locality. Therefore, always use the best local images to entice buyers.

21. Share Real Estate Experience in Seminars 

In the world of enormous information, clarity is the power. In addition to online webinars, spread basic knowledge of buying homes and mortgages in free seminars.

22. Market in Liaison with Local Business

Join hands with those businesses that sell essential commodities. People visit them regularly, and their say, in many cases, matters a lot. Engage local vendors in your real estate marketing and create a win-win situation.

23. A Copy that Is Crafted for Locals

Try as much as possible to use a copy that touches the locals. Google search engine is smart enough to display your services to residents of the area asking for it.

24. Handover a Colorful Brochure

If a buyer visits your real estate office, even for information, hand him your company’s brochure. By doing so you will be playing with human Psychology. A brochure is like a permanent agent of an agency perusing a person to be your customer

25. Chart out a Referral Strategy

Incentivize customers for referrals.

26. Trace the keywords

Keywords are the engine that drives online traffic. Trace the relevant keywords that are bringing buyers. 

Case study

Keyword tracing is overlooked in real estate marketing. Its importance is described by agent fire, an advertising company handling clients in the USA and Canada.

The team ran online marketing of their client with a budget of $2300 and was able to generate $50000 in total revenue within two months.

How did they achieve it?

  • Identifying the keywords resulting in sales of competitors
  • Defining audience: in this case, they targeted downsizers and new homebuyers
  • Use effective copy to pitch them to take actions
  • User-friendly ads landing pages were incorporated in the ad’s link
  • Immediately follow up from the Lion desk                         

27. Expand YouTube Reach

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. More than 17.6 Canadian, as per Algon quin College, visit YouTube daily

28. Take service of a professional photographer

Many new real estate marketers use mobiles to capture images of houses or properties. This is not an appropriate method. Hire a photo pro for an attention-grabbing photo. 

29. Remove Outdated Information

 Canadians always go with the trend. Any outdated content on your information channels will discourage them to reach you. So, erase irrelevant information

30. Never Leave Customers Alone

Stay connected. Send anniversary and birthday cards. Ensure making a familial and caring relationship.


Canada’s real estate sector is skyrocketing after a temporary hiatus. A surge in prices of condos, houses, and commercial and rental properties has brought forth intense competition because Canadian real estate has become lucrative. To deal with this competition unique methods of marketing are need of the hour. While digital marketing is cheap and practicable, executing it without a well-thought plan of actions may give rise to unintended results. All the innovative ideas discussed have a practical bearing. But it is up to your business model as to what suits you. 

Let me know what innovative real estate marketing ideas you want to try this week in the comment section below.

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