6 Real Estate Marketing Ideas 2019 (Traditional Marketing)


Implementing the traditional real estate marketing ideas have never been easy especially after the introduction of digital marketing techniques.

People have started investing more on digital media due to its huge outreach in low budget but no one can deny the impact and effect of old-style traditional marketing techniques.

real estate marketing ideas

This post is about the real estate marketing ideas that we can use in traditional or offline marketing to get maximum return on investment:


1. Host community events


  • Hosting events gives you a chance to connect with your past customers and many new potential buyers. It provides you an opportunity to talk to them face to face and understand them on a personal level.
  • you can come up with a social cause that you want the neighborhood to contribute in and you can spread awareness, raise funds and help someone in need
  • By planning properly before the event, you can get the users to register for attending the event (maybe online or on the spot) and thus you are adding up to your existing database for new potential customers.
  • After the event you will be having a lot of photos, Videos, etc, of the attendees, This gives you an opportunity to visit the person and hand them over their photos, videos, etc, with a small thank you message with it. You may also send these through personalized emails and tag them over their social media.

community event

Need Ideas?

In the past, our clients have done neighborhood pop-up parties with the following:

  • ice cream and food trucks
  • a champagne hour to celebrate a print marketing unveiling
  • gratitude brunch for our clients
  • business book club
  • training classes
  • an Easter egg hunt for kids of all abilities.

We’d love to connect with you on Facebook and hear your ideas for marketing your company through events.

What events are you hosting in your community?
What else would you suggest to add that could bring value to the clients and team members?
Please share in the comments section below.

2. Complimentary services

You can add value by showing some personal relationship with the customers.

  • By providing a free of cost packing & moving services you reflect a sense of care and attachment with the customer
  • You can give away wall arts or any other home décor accessories as a housewarming gift which will remain there as a memento from your company.

wall art

Any other service could also be considered as long as it provides value to the customer.

3. Personalized message to their doorstep

Postcards are never outdated when it comes to sending handwritten text or messages.

Use those to make your customers feel that you care and make them realize that instead of blasting out emails you preferred to give your message a personal touch.

4. Professional photography of products

When it comes to marketing your products, you should consider that the first impression of your product would be its image that goes to the customers and then they will decide whether to come for a visit.

house indoor

Be very professional while taking the pictures or better if you hire a professional photographer and let him come up with some great pictures to showcase.

5. Never underestimate the power of cold callings

We know, cold calling is one of the oldest ways to market our product and not everyone can do it but this has been the most reliable technique that has delivered always.

cold calling

“We should acquire new technologies but we shouldn’t forget to do it the old ways” – just a thought

6. A press release is always useful

A press release is one of the greatest platforms that gives a massive outreach to your advertisement but at the same times, it comes with a much higher cost.


If you’re smart enough and your company is well known in the sector, you might get a chance to write about an article related to your niche and in return, you get your brand name printed in the newspaper free of cost.

Would you like to share your experiences in traditional marketing techniques or need any advice from the experts?
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