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Let’s admit that Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is an important asset when we are talking about digital marketing for real estate organiosation

If you don’t agree with the above sentence then go through the entire article and I am sure you will start taking CRO seriously.

Conversion rate optimization, not only helps you improve your buyer’s conversion but also helps you retain your first time buyers that is, once a person buys from you, CRO helps you to make sure they return to your website to buy again.

This blog will give you an in-depth knowledge of conversion rate optimisation and how to get the best possible result out of it.

Who would get benefit reading this post?

Any one who is enthusiast about improving their conversion rate on their website precisely bloggers, Marketers, entrepreneurs.

No matter if you own a business or working for an organisation, If you have an online presence (Website) then you must read till the end.

Just so you know, conversion rate optimisation is no rocket science. You just have to use common sense and be more aware while implementing the ideas.

Let’s get a detailed understanding of CRO:

What is conversion rate optimization?

In Digital Marketing, Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the technique for increasing the percentage of customers/buyers who are visiting your website within the same spend per lead or visitor.

Here is an example to understand CRO and its effect:

Suppose you have a website with a monthly traffic of 10,000 visitors, out of which 100 becomes leads and 10 buy from you so the CRO would be 1%.

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Now here is the interesting part, if you manage to change that 1% to 2%, eventually you have just doubled your sales!

Isn’t that what we all need?

How to achieve it?

Let’s discuss few major points where we need to improve to enhance our CRO:

1. Home page optimisation:

Home page is usually the first page where the visitor gets our first impression and that’s why we need to improve it as much as we can.
We can do this by adding links to product information, offering a free signup button, or even incorporating a chatbot that answers questions from visitors at any point during their browsing experience.

2. Landing Page Optimisation

Landing pages are designed for people to take an action on our website. Example, You can optimize a landing page by giving out free e-books or anything valuable in return of customers information.
If you are providing customer with anything valuable to them, they won’t mind giving you their information and there you have an increased number of potential leads.

3. Blog page optimisation

The blog page can prove out to be a massive opportunity for converting customers for a business website.
It not only provides user with helpful content but can convert readers into leads.
This can be achieved by adding call-to-action button on your blog which drives user to provide their information to stay updated with your fruitful content and hence giving you another way of increasing potential leads.

When Should you start focussing on your conversion rate optimization?

Once your marketing strategy starts bringing high number of visitors to your website, right that moment you should work with your CRO to convert those leads into customers.

Where to start with CRO?

After reading the blog so far, You might have got an idea about CRO and must be thinking where to start.

So to begin with your website’s CRO, initiate with building multiple strategies to improve the CRO of your website on the basis of what you learnt in this post.

Then analyse which strategy will :

1. Implement in a short duration

2. Give out the best possible result

3. Be least difficult to implement

On the basis of these three-pointers, Just start!

There are a lot of “best practices” out there, but ultimately, your goal is to find out what makes your customers interact with your website, and what drives best results for your business.

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