Copywriting for real estate can be complicated; writing a copy that is seductive and that sells, real estate developers need to learn a few tricks from the tech giant Apple.

Copywriters at Apple understand which words to choose to help you justify your iPhone XS or XS Max purchase, even if you already own a fully-functional iPhone X.

Apple copywriters know exactly how to write a copy that sells. They know the tricks and techniques to sell products. And the good news is that you too can learn how to write a copy like Apple.

By studying the iPhone XS copy, we can learn how to write effective sales copy, and master the art of turning doubters into customers.

In this post on copywriting for Real Estate, we will learn the 10 copywriting techniques that Apple uses:

1.0 Headline – one big idea: Grab the attention

Copywriting for real estate

On the average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy. – David Ogilvy

Ogilvy believed headlines were so important that he viewed them as being worth 90% of the money invested in advertising.

The headline is the first thing potential customers will look at. A good headline focuses on one big idea – usually the most important feature.

When you’re writing a headline for your copy, focus on just one thing. The primary purpose of the headline is to get the first sentence read.

The iPhone XS headline forces me to read the first sentence:

Super Retina in two sizes — including the largest display ever on an iPhone.

Now already I want the super retina, the largest display.

Headlines are so important that a single word can impact a campaign dramatically. We’ve seen e-mail subject lines where a one word change increased click-through rate by 45%.

Now look at the copy below from a real estate developer:

Copywriting for real estate

As a copywriter, you must focus on capturing the attention with the headline. If you are able to capture the attention with headline, your potential customers will read the first sentence. Otherwise, you lost potential customer.

2.0 Write for humans

SEO? Grammar?

Nowadays, copywriters write for bots and spiders. Remember bots and spiders don’t bring conversion, they bring traffic. As a good copywriter you should find a balance between traffic and conversion. You should know when to write for conversion and when to write for traffic.

You should focus on readability. Short sentences are much easier to read than long sentences. That’s why Apple copywriters don’t worry about this:

Super Retina

The beauty of OLED. On a whole new scale.

Shorter sentences are easier to read and easier to understand. Short sentences also improve the rhythm of the copy. Apple even uses two-word sentences:

Super Retina. In big and bigger.

Now look at the Straits View Residences copy above, do you want to read it.

Short sentences are easier to read. If you edit long sentences, just break them in few parts. And don’t worry about the broken sentences.

Also don’t worry about grammar, focus on readability. Your school teacher is retired.

If you look carefully, Apple website shows you how to design for readability:

  • Be generous with blank spaces;
  • Increase font size;
  • Reduce line length;
  • Write for skimmers;
  • Include photos, graphs, or videos.

3. Use memorable, small sentences

Copywriting for real estate

Small sentences are easy-to-remember, use them as sound bites. And use them often.

A sound bite is a short text extracted from a longer piece, often used to promote the full length piece. Sound bites are like proverbs, they are easy to remember.

Super Retina. In big and bigger.

Even faster Face ID.

iPhone XS is everything you love about iPhone. Taken to the extreme.

Sound bites use contrast and surprise to attract attention.

4.0 Provide product’s technical details for credibility

As a copywriter, you must use technical details as a sign of expertise. Technical details enhance trust, and make the product more convincing.

Copywriting for real estate

Look at the technical copy below, note carefully the underlined words:

The smartest, most powerful chip in a smartphone.

Exceptional materials. The most durable glass ever in a smartphone. A beautiful new gold finish, achieved with an atomic-level process. Precision-machined, surgical-grade stainless steel bands. And a new level of water and dust resistance.

Here is an example of a technical detail of the iPhone XS:

2 performance cores

Up to 15% faster than A11 Bionic

4 efficiency cores

Up to 50% lower power usage than A11 Bionic

These definite numbers enhance the description. Most readers (and potential customers) will not understand these thing, but it enhance trust.

Copywriting for real estate

Now look at the technical details from a real estate developer!

Copywriting for real estate

Copywriting for real estate still has to see coming of age.

5.0 Focus on problem solving

Features and specifications are hard facts. They create trust, but stories of problem-solving converts.

Your readers will pay more attention if you can present features as solutions to their problems.

Advanced Face ID. Security is simple when your face is your password. You can unlock your iPhone, log in to apps, and pay for things with a glance. It’s the most secure facial authentication ever in a smartphone. And now it’s even faster.

This is a problem most people have experienced – they wanted a faster way to open the phone and use it.

Copywriting for real estate

6.0 Use analogies to convey product quality

Copywriting for real estate

Abstract concepts – such as product quality – are difficult to describe. Analogies can help because they link a characteristic of something new to a similar characteristic of something known. For instance:

Exceptional materials. The most durable glass ever in a smartphone. A beautiful new gold finish, achieved with an atomic-level process. Precision-machined, surgical-grade stainless steel bands. And a new level of water and dust resistance.

It’s difficult to explain technical quality to consumers, use analogies to describe product qualities – exceptional material, atomic-level process, surgical-grade stainless steel! I don’t know what the hell surgical-grade stainless steel is!

Now look at the landing page of a luxury villa product!

Copywriting for real estate

Real estate copywriting has long way to go.

7.0 Persuade and overcome objections

Even people who want to buy your products will have objections – your copy need to persuade them and overcome the objections.

You need to re-assure potential buyers:

No Home button? No problem. You can go everywhere you need to go with a few simple actions.

Copywriting for real estate

The potential objection is that the iPhone XS has no home button, although iPhone X also didn’t have one, but still you need to persuade people.

8.0 Up-sale with product comparison

In spite of large fan following, most people will wonder – do I really need to replace my iPhone X with an iPhone XS or XS Max. Look at how their copywriters use product comparisons to influence you to upgrade:

Copywriting for real estate

2 performance cores

Up to 15% faster than A11 Bionic

4 efficiency cores

Up to 50% lower power usage than A11 Bionic

Graphics performance

Up to 50% faster than A11 Bionic

Core ML runs

Up to 9x faster than A11 Bionic

Do you know what makes these comparisons so persuasive? Each comparison includes a number: 50% lower power usage, 15% faster, 9x faster. The figures enhance credibility and give you the hint that the iPhone XS is quite different from the iPhone X – very powerful, very fast and very low on power usage.

9.0 Focus on the potential buyers

Your copy should always focus more on the potential buyer than on your product. The iPhone XS sales copy manages to do this.

The landing page copy uses the word iPhone 14 times, the name Apple is used 1 time only. But the words “you” and “your” are used 16 times. Here are a few examples:

Super Retina. In big and bigger. An all-screen design gives you a large, beautiful canvas for everything you love to do. And iPhone XS Max makes it massive, with a screen that measures 6.5 inches — our largest display ever on an iPhone.

The text is written so that you start picturing yourself with the iPhone XS.

10.0 Close with persuasive call to action

Copywriting for real estate

A good call-to-action is specific and stands out. It respects the fact that the customers may not be ready to buy your product. Apple encourages readers to find out more about the iPhone XS with small arrows & buttons and by having links in a color that stands out. The reader may not be ready to buy, so Apple encourages the potential buyers read more instead.

Copywriting for real estate

At the bottom of the page are the other calls-to-action. These calls-to-action don’t stand out, but the accompanying text sells each of the options.

Hope you enjoyed the post on copywriting for real estate, let us know your feedback in the comment section below.


Disclaimer: The copyright of the images used in this post belongs to the respective owners; they are used in this post for illustration purpose only and no commercial use is intended.

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