How to do real estate marketing?

As we discussed in the previous blog that real estate marketing is not a rocket science but needs consistency and patience.

In this blog, We will share some of the best strategy for real estate marketing which we believe you might not be aware of.

Our primary focus is to market the product online as every one is connected to the internet some way or the other plus it is very much cost effective.



Thus, our five digital strategies for real estate marketing are as follows:

1. Built an attractive and informative website:

When We say attractive and informative, We mean your website should not be boring and must follow the up to date technologies with good user interface and better user experience and must contain all the necessary details a customer needs to know to trust you.

2. Make a strong and interactive social media presence:

There is a vast majority of leads are out there on social media, We must not lose them at any cost. Create a page of your organisation and start promoting it on all social media, post and promote some good content and interact with your followers (Customers).

Here, We are talking about paid social media advertising (Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads etc.)
I won’t mind paying a little amount for my add to be seen by thousands of fresh eyes.

there is a whole new topic to be discussed when it comes to social media marketing, you must read it in our blog “Social media marketing for real estate”.

3.Start analysing your online traffic:

Try to capture the information of the people landing to your website irrespective of the fact whether they are paid audiences or organic audiences. this will help you improvise your website according to the customer’s need.

4. Data is the key:

Once you start collecting data (Information about your visitors), You can use it to re-market it to them through different medium like sms and emailers.

5.Search Engine Advertising:

We all know that Google is the number one search engine in the world, People search on it before actually buying the product.
Results shows that the leads generated through paid search engine marketing are more likely to convert as buyer rather than any other leads.


We at Urbasys, have been helping real estate organisations to reach their maximum potential outreach through different marketing approaches and platforms, analysing new marketing trends and staying ahead of the competitors.

For any further query related to your marketing needs, contact us today for a confidential discussion.

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