Are you thinking to hire a Real Estate Marketing agency? Here are some pointers to help you find one.

This blog will help you decide what all features and services you should look for before hiring a real estate marketing agency in order to complete your marketing needs.

  1. If the company offers nominal charges for its real estate marketing experience
  2. what is the breadth of services they offered and
  3. supporting agents and brokers with success in pushing their business ahead.



Furthermore, You should be aware of common services that a real estate marketing agency should offer you but it is totally your decision to opt out of any service If needed.

Social Media Setup:

Initiating a Social media account for their client. Usually, the companies create a Facebook handle and initiate other social media pages on request. Setting up a social media handle includes page creation, page optimization, and enabling it to run advertisements through it.

Social Media Management:

Usually, the companies offer to manage only Facebook pages until requested by the client. Social media management entails posting on the agent’s or agency’s behalf, managing and responding to comments, basically, engaging with the followers and potential customers by answering their queries and posting interactive and engaging content every now and then.

Social Media Advertising:

Social media advertising includes creating a creative post to promoting it through ads. A target audience must be defined for each and every campaign that is being run to be more cost efficient and result oriented.


This is the process that helps your website to be visible through search engines inquiries, and to generate traffic to your websites organically.


Considering Google to be the most trusted and used search engine across the globe, Adwords is the Advertising platform introduced by Google where you can bid on some keywords (frequently searched terms) so that your advertisement will appear in the search results and bring more and filtered traffic to your website.

Collateral Print Materials:

A few companies might offer you the service of print materials such as pamphlets, brochures, and business cards. It is considered to be an added value as it makes them one stop shop for all the marketing and advertising needs.

PR Services:

Some Agents often struggle with PR (Public Relation) services, It might not be an essential requirement to some agents but some companies do provide the PR services as people consider it to be a strong part of marketing.

Customer Support:

Having good customer service is a must. It is the personality of the company and the reason customers come back.


We at Urbasys, have been helping real estate organizations to reach their maximum potential outreach through different marketing approaches and platforms, analyzing new marketing trends and staying ahead of the competitors.

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