In the time when we were not so much connected on the internet, the reliability of a real estate organization was determined by the size of its advertisement on the weekend newspaper advertisement for real estate marketing.

The Internet has completely changed the way how realtors market their products and how real estate sales are made.

More and more realtors are moving towards digital marketing for real estate because all the eyeballs are there. Be it Social media or any search engine, People are anyway looking for their requirements on the internet.

Surprisingly, many real estate agents are still doing newspaper advertisement. How do they use this old-school method to promote their brand and get some actual buyers?

Here are some tips that would help you make the most of print media:

Know your client’s interests:

Some of your clients might lie in the age group of people who still have a personal attachment to the newspaper and like to take the first sip of morning tea/coffee while their eyeballs moving across the headlines.

Printed magazines can be a good option:

These are often picked up by visitors and out-of-town guests who are considering moving to the area. These types of newspaper ads are more expensive, but their magazine is sitting in racks for an entire month. That’s more exposure for you!

Press Releases:

These get you the best for almost nothing. That’s because they are FREE! Often newspapers will ask that you run paid newspaper ads along with your press release, but it’s not mandatory. Write a new press release each month that focuses on a newsworthy activity at your organization. Think of something you can offer that benefits the general public. For example, holding a Home Buyer Workshop or a seminar can promote your company discretely.

Article Writing:

Want to experience the benefits of newspaper ads without shelling out the dough? Offer to write a weekly column on real estate trends or popular subjects for the newspaper. While you won’t be able to put photos of your newest listings in, these will go a long way in building your local brand and establishing yourself as the local expert. Subtle calls to action such as signing up for an email version of your article or checking out your website for a more in-depth explanation can often be more successful than a few pictures of a home for sale.

Digital Newspapers

Most news companies realize the impact of paperless media and have added digital news sources to their product mix. In addition, the printed newspapers are also mirrored on their website, which should be picked up by the search engines. Just another way to get found at the top of Google. Just be careful, because sometimes the newspaper ads don’t get put into the online version as they will often sell online ads separately. Make sure to ask about this if this is the route you are wanting to take.

Lesser chance of Competition:

If you like to be the best and brightest, consider that you won’t have much competition from other real estate brokerages. Many of them have switched from newspaper ads to other marketing methods, so newspaper readers will see you as possibly the only and number one choice.

So before you decide to move ahead of printed media or newspaper advertisement, We would suggest you think twice because “In real estate, there’s no such thing as too much marketing!

We at Urbasys, have been helping real estate organizations to reach their maximum potential outreach through different marketing approaches and platforms, analyzing new marketing trends and staying ahead of the competitors.

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